Wireless, Cloud, Data.  The Next Stage.

Hilltop Management is a technology company investment and development firm, funding and growing companies that leverage next-generation wireless, cloud, and data technologies and business models to unlock large scale opportunities.

We work as both strategic advisors and co-investors with partner venture capital funds, as well as interim management and strategic advisors to our portfolio companies.

Our principals and network of partners are leaders in the wireless, mobile, and cloud areas.  We have experience growing multi-billion wireless providers, raising hundreds of millions of capital, and starting innovative start-ups that have in some cases succeeded and in others failed (experiences which may have been the most invaluable). We are focused on leveraging our experience to develop our portfolio companies into true leaders across target opportunities.

We are thematic advisors and investors, focusing on areas which we identify to have the most potential for large scale market advancement and change.  Current themes capitalize on opportunities within highly distributed cloud architectures, all-wireless broadband, heterogeneous and localized  wireless networking, software defined networks, cloudification of the enterprise, and IoT and cloud and platform services leveraging networks and mobility on an end-to-end basis.